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Lyncia from YOU Coaching helps people simplify complex situations and get the most out of themselves. With and established wordmark that successfully communicates what the brand is about, YOU didn’t require a brand overhaul – I worked with them on refreshing and re-energising the brand and its website.

I focussed on refreshing YOU’s colour palette and typography, keeping the brandmark the same. Owners Wide and Owners Text fonts were brought in to match Lyncia’s personality that connects so well with her clients. The colour palette was simplified. The existing blue in YOU’s logo has been updated to Midday Blue, with a lighter Morning Blue and darker Midnight Blue brought in to create contrast and interest.

The focus was on simplifying it down to the essentials. Since the old website, YOU’s offerings had been refined and the website needed to reflect this new focus. One of YOU’s point of difference is the unique experience that everyone has with Lyncia, so Calendly links became the primary CTA so Lyncia can have a more in depth conversation with people and turn leads into clients.

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